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Blow Winds...

And I must have been cracked to go out in it for three hours; I mean hail, total general inclemency, and mud, mud, mud...I wasn't going, but I feel such a feeb if I don't. My LIDL galoshes served me well, anyway.
I wasn't prepared to stay on the common while R went to collect the second pair of dogs, so I went into a rather nice coffee shop called 'Fuel' where I ended up in deep conversation with an Indian guy, who claims to be a trained psychotherapist , although he's been unemployed for two years, and thinks I have a beautiful soul.
I don't know if it's really healthy, or sheer masochism, but the walk definitely gives you a boost, once it's over.
Now I'm watching TEN YEARS YOUNGER, and ruefully fingering my own 'pelican neck'. Lotto jackpot, where art thou?

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