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Oh, Argh, My Knees! Yagh!

Feckin' gym again. I felt particularly feeble, today, but went and bloody did it. There was an elderly bloke on the treadmill next to mine, looking like death warmed up, and he was going much faster than I was, I noticed, for longer, too...This did not improve my mood. The whole thing reminds me of BEN-HUR;  the galley-slave episode...

I bloody fell asleep and missed the TV exorcism last night, forgetting to set the VCR as well. Bugger. Just caught the very end, and everyone seemed rather bored, so I guess it was lame.

I remember a nun telling us a story, before the novel and film made it a popular topic, about his little boy, who suddenly was able to play the piano, and several other instruments, proficiently, although he'd never touched them before. I thought this sounded pretty cool, but it led to the poor kid being rigorously exorcised until his lil' body conked out. 'But that boy died with a beautiful smile, children, because the demon was driven out,at last, and he was going home to God...'  Yeh, terrif!  I've never seen that story anywhere else, so I suppose the nun just made it up to entertain and instruct...

Here's the last of my current PANCEVAC strips, for what it's worth...I can never get it to link to the 'kultura' page, for some reason, but that's where it is.!4077/index4077.htm

Panel 1)  (Arrow points to 'inhaler') ...[Gasp, Wheeze] ...I guess I wouldn't survive long in the polluted atmosphere...

Panel 2)  Still, back in London, I often think of Pancevo and miss it...even the Tamis!

Panel 3)  And, of course, I had to make a stop at 'Ouspenska'  (a lovely local Orthodox church-)  to have a chat with John the Baptist, as we Catholics call him . ( In the Eastern rite, his  official title generally seems to be 'the Forerunner/Precursor'.) ...Last year, I left some coins by his ikon, and prayed to return to Serbia...

Panel 4)  Me: Thank you so much for getting me back to Serbia this year...

JB: That's OK, kid.

Me: Erm...Do you think maybe I can come back again next year?

JB: Don't push it!  We'll see....


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