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Sweatin' WithThe Oldies...

Back to the gym, today, and actually didn't cough once (while I was there, anyway...) The treadmills aren't working properly, but I started using the scary weight machines today, and did long, sweaty stints on that frightening ski-thing, and the bike. God, it's horrible. Aren't I the biz for trying? I feel so virtuous (and hungry...)
Looking forward to Death of Den on EASTENDERS, I mean, surely they can't screw up something that potentially entertaining...I think Andy bites it tonight, and all.
Should anyone want to see my latest crude, crappy PANCEVAC strip, go here and go to the 'Kultura' page...Here's an English version.
Panel 1: I went to the flea market hoping to find some really cheap exotic items, but it was just like markets at home, really, even the rip-offs...
GYPSY GIRL: Says something incomprehensible.
Panel 2: ME: Erm...No understando...Me tourista...Engleska...etc.
GG: You speak Eenglish! Then you will buy my lucky ticket! ...?!!!... WHY not?! I pray for you! I PRAY!!!
Panel 3: GG utters fearful curses...ME: Where's the taxi? Why me? etc. etc.
In the box, it says Thanks, 'Cyclops' (-the cool taxi driver)

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