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Beautiful and/or Sexy Men...

Bored to-day, brain not working particularly efficiently ...Sister Midnight has inspired me to explore this topic, and list-making is always a soothingly dumb thing to do. Here goes...
Michael McManus
Kevin Spacey
Liam Neeson
Rory McCann ('Kenny' from BOOK GROUP)
Feodor Chaliapin, Cesare Siepi, John Tomlinson (opera singers-)
Christopher Walken
Tom Baker
Alec Guinness
John Neville
Dylan Moran
Colin Firth
John Cusack
Robert Mitchum
Burt Lancaster
Sean Connery
Christopher Lee
Nureyev, Irek Mukhamedov
Alan Rickman
Jeff Goldblum
Johnny Depp
Alan Dobie
Robbie Coltrane
Billy Connolly
Jeremy Brett
Paul Robeson
Gerard Depardieu
Antony Hopkins
Gary Oldman
Daniel Day-Lewis
Jean Marais
Marlon Brando

That's a start, but I can't be bothered with any more at the many beauties, so unavailable-especially the dead 'uns...Actually, anyone listed who's really old and/or dead is entered on the basis of his appearance in his 30s-50s...
Last night I dreamt I was banged up in OZ. The scary Adebisi was there and all, but we actually got on quite well. It was crowded, and I was squashed up against a wall, while the warden was yelling at everyone, and I found it hard to breathe. (Wah, does that mean I'm having sleep apnoea fits or something?) Haven't been having much fun in dreamland this week!

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