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Yet Another Gooey Grey Day...

Intended to join R and idiot dogs yomping on the Common, but forgot about the surveyors coming around to look at the damp corner, so I had to cancel. At least they did come. I'd have been mightily pissed off if they hadn't...Anyway, one was African and one was Indian, both with really heavy accents, so I couldn't understand them, and strangely clumsy. I was really scared they were going to destroy the shabby old blinds I can't afford to replace, or somehow blunderingly harm the cat, although he was keeping pretty well away.

It was the same as usual, there must be some seepage through the concrete, and they probably can't fix it without major construction work. They were going to try and get access to the flat above, blah blah, as far as I could make out from whatever the hell they were babbling, to see what state their 'balcony' was in. So, no change in the last ten years, except the guys are harder to understand. Still, I figured it was worth having someone have a look again, in case their methods had improved.

I was inspired by charlottecooper 's  intriguing post concerning an event last night, to learn a thing or two about Vaginal Davis...  who sounds like a very entertaining character indeed. Must try to catch her in action sometime.

Had another wheezing, hacking, sore chest  waking-up night, and I'm coughing a lot today. Jesus, Mary & Joseph...

Greatly enjoying the latest Ivan Brunetti interview in   TCJ. I think he must be my Papageno. We're so much alike, we'd probably loathe each other, actually.



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