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Idiot Whippets...

Feeling OK, (if still bloody coughing...) Went out with R Next Door on her dogwalking trek, bloody miles over Clapham Common, and now feel knackered, but I think it did me good. It's actually very uplifting being with dogs. They're so fuckin' basic! The little bitch Freya is STOOPID, even for a whippet, and just wants to chase her ball back and forth in a total dumbass ecstasy for hours, with a break every now and then to sniff a passerby-dog's bumhole and be sniffed back. Then they both pee on the same spot, and start running around again. So dopey, so happy...The male, Royston, is a bit more neurotic and tends to bully the other dogs. (He had a big Weimariner down on his back in submissive position without raising a paw, just sheer attitude...) He's also slightly smarter than Freya, so perhaps not quite as blissed out. </i>('He was a mongoloid, happier than you or me...')</i>
Am I imagining it, or has sweet Sonia from EASTENDERS gone and had a breast augmentation? Why do they do it,why,why, why? I've hated having big tits all my life, and when I had my breast reduction, they wouldn't make me totally flatchested, despite my pleas. If I had the dosh, I'd have myself down to an A cup tomorrow, though. Boobs, bah!

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