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'Duck Juice'...

...This is evidently Michael Jackson's personal term for semen, and is another one of those things I would probably prefer not to have rattling around my rapidly deteriorating brain. Well, it's my own fault for being such a media-hungry trivia-sniffing old gossip hound, I suppose.

Oh bum, now we're going to get bombarded with Charles& Camilla tittletattle for weeks, too. I mean, does anyone give a monkey's?  It would be nice if they gave the serfs an extra bank holiday or something, of course, but I can't see that happening...

Re: the Great IKEA riot...I have actually never been to an IKEA, due to not having a car to carry away anything I might buy, in days when I bought  furniture-stuff occasionally. I've often drooled over the catalogues, though. It's odd that going there seems to be universally regarded as a horrible experience, though. They do like to sell themselves as warm and fuzzy.

I went to the west end, and did some bookshop browsing. I almost used part of my book token bounty to get  David B's EPILEPTIC, but decided to wait a bit. Had a good sniff at the new RAW VISION in Borders. Wish I could just buy it. like normal peeps. Wah wah...


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