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Grayson Perry

His ceramics are brilliant; beautiful things, with fascinatingly nasty elements; quite unique, and the guy's a tranny, too, bless 'im . Looking at his work makes me want to try ceramics myself,not one of my usual inclinations...I like working with clay, though. I've made a few pagan dieties an' stuff, very crude.
I still can't find my fucking mouldy old jacket. Lost property doesn't have it, and I can never get into the classroom where I left it,'cos there's always a big group in there watching films, and even if I weren't too timid to go clomping in, it would be dark, anyhow...This grieves and wearies me.
I dreamt I was married to Gary Oldman, last night, and we ran a greasy spoon.Hmph, didn't think much of that one; (Maybe I'll get the island paradise with Michael McManus scenario tonight...)

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