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'Rub Me Dry, Gisbourne; HARDER!'...

In this week of affliction, I've been  self-medicating with large doses of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD  as kindly provided by girlycomic , which I have been saving for just such an occasion. It seems I  must have showed  helenraven  the only kinda dull one in the batch, so far. Of course, I've been doped up and in and out of consciousness, but this week, it's been  nonstop homoerotic bathtime with the Sheriff, loads of Herne, that cool bad wizard, and  frenzied fighting  and arfing in the greenwood thoughout.

I did drag myself out to reclaim the 2.50 I was shortchanged by Sainsbury's (always check your receipts, children-) She didn't question me. I guess I looked so royally fucked up she didn't want to risk it... Then, thanks to the PO closures, I had to take a trip in the other direction to post the stuff I should have sent Tuesday. I still feel really crap, but I think I'm on the mend. Wish I could get a decent night's sleep, though. The cough keeps waking me up, and in the morning, my eyes are all crusted shut, too. Yetch.


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