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I haven't been laid so low all winter, so far.I've coughed so hard that I actually pulled a muscle or something in my back. (Last night, I thought I'd broken a rib...) and one eye is half-closed and all oozy. Nose still bunged, all systems bleh.
Now, I like retreating from the world, and all, but two full days not even being able to go to the shops is very, very tedious indeed.
I've had no luck trying to give the tickets away; finally left them with the concierege to offer to passers-by. Can't really see any of the tenants here fancying THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE,much, though.
I'm starting to feel a bit hungry, so I guess I'm still alive.
I guess the full horror of the plans to 'help people back to work' has been revealed, but I haven't dared look yet.
I watched a dumb old noble-cowpokes film, RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY.(Early Peckinpah!) I do hate Westerns. Interesting, though, for the monumental presence of the rather appealing Randolph Scott (Cary Grant's longtime squeeze-)

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