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Poorly Sick...

It's always at the most inconvenient time, isn't it? I should be following up my gym attendance, I have freebie opera tickets for tomorrow night,and all manner of bloody things to do, and I'm lurghied up.I'm bleary-eyed, achin' all over, feverish, green slime-spewing rough! Yesterday was one of those days when I just want to cry, but I find that very difficult, without the aid of some absurd sentimental film or music; weird, that... Anyway, I wrote all about it, but Wotan walked across the keyboard...Just as well. The main thing that's really bugging me is this satellite dish nonsense. Evidently, a Blick UK person did come yesterday, and declared the replacement a 'two-man job' (which they might have known, since they put the thing up in the first place...) He also declared it had been vandalised, (like, somebody climbed out onto a roof 20 storeys up to vandalise a SKY dish?) which means the council is liable to pay them for the service call. Of course, the council won't pay for anything as a rule, and in this case, they're probably right. That means the thing is probably never going to be fixed...Perhaps the most bizarre thing about the whole business is the fact that the council insisted on installing the roof dish to prevent tenants studding the building with our'unsightly' individual dishes. They deactivated said dishes, but left them in place making the exercise pointless, and the roof dish has been a problem from day one. I know it's trivial to carry on about being deprived of my vulgar, mindless media fixes, but it's all just so hideously typical of the general stupidity and incompetence that's endemic these days. (...Is that a 'Mrs.Brady' rant, or what?) As for the incapacity benefit cuts, etc. coming up, I'm in a muck sweat, needless to say. Every time I hear it mentioned on the radio, I get the collywobbles. I honestly think they want to 'encourage' the vulnerable to just die, so we won't need to 'scrounge'any more below-subsistence benefits.

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