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What A Good Girl Am I...

They do say you shouldn't work out with a cold, and I woke up really glubby, gobbing greenies and all. Still, it was my gym 'indoctrination' session, and I figured if I didn't go, I was bound to just blow the whole thing.
It was, of course, horrible. I've never even been on any of those bloody machines before. still have no idea how to work them, and died a thousand deaths all the way. (The cross-trainer thingie is particularly alarming-). I was, of course, either the fattest or second-fattest feeb there, but everybody was fairly old and careworn, thank God. Dave is quite bearable for that sort of person, and very patient. The time passed reasonably quickly, and I have to admit, after staggering home, having a nice bath and a cuppa, I now feel quite chirpy. I have found that before, when I've made the huge effort to do aerobics or whatever, that much as I loathe the whole business, it has that banging-your-head-against-the-wall reward of feeling good when you've finished...
Stayed up late to watch QUEEN OF THE DAMNED; what a crock,etc. There were a few laughs, anyway.
Poor old Aaliyah, having this dumbass turkey as her 'memorial'. I don't know anything else about her, but she seems to have had a certain amount of genuine presence, even though her spooky voice was obviously 'enhanced'.
BTW, the script has very little to do with Anne Rice's book.(No surprises there...) The flying, exploding, and vamp-dusting bits are rather good, and Lestat's 'rock star' carryings-on are hilarious.

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