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Dissection Dreams...

Every time I see one of those Gunther von Hagens autopsy shows on Channel Four, I have creepy dreams, which is odd, as while I'm actually watching them, I'm not particularly bothered, except for occasional squeamishness. (Digestive Tract Unravelled was a bit much; that mouth...) Having seen 'em all, now, I really do think the element of prurience is a bit strong. When the artist draws the organs on the nude models, you get a better notion of how it all works than looking at all those convoluted corpseguts. Another thing that disturbs me (take the perfesser himself as a given-) is the fact that all these dead people seem to be in their 50's, tops; where is he getting them?

SKY saga continues; still no action. "The engineer is sick" today...Long heated phone calls, to Blick UK and Lambeth Council; blah blah. I really may have to switch to Telewest, but that's sure to involve lots of faffing. We're not even going to get refunds! SKY takes no responsibility, as the council is supposed to organise the repairs. The council blames Blick UK and as for Blick UK, well, they're employed by the Council, innit?

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