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HoHum, Stretch...

About time for some Cheerios...Can't seem to get moving this morning. (-for a change!) Took a dumb Emode test, and it seems my "Attraction Quotient" is 47/100. Har, better that I expected, anyhow!
What with LEXX gone, I've been thinking about epic TV shows-hence BABYLON 5, a lot; it's been ages since I saw it, and was delightfully obsessed for the whole run. I think it actually was the best scifi show ever. The only thing it lacked, in my opinion, was a tantalising lust object of the quality of Kai. I don't think I fancied anyone in the B5 cast at all, although I really liked some of the characters. As for sexy, though, I'd have to say 'Ivanova' was probably more appealing to me than any of the guys.
Going to the Natural History museum this afternoon with the Illustration class to sketch animals. Should be really interesting. I've already doodled a hippo in anticipation...

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