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Brickin' It...

In one of those futile New Years' spasms, I went to my GP and got a referral for "Exercise On Prescription" at the local leisure centre. I thought it would be yonks before I heard anything. I got a phone call today and have to waddle/hobble up there FRIDAY! It's only an interview and basic run-through, but I can hear those teenage sniggers now. Of course, it could really do me good.Even if I can't lose much weight, it might considerably improve my fitness, make arthritic joints a bit more limber, all that stuff...You get a certain number of classes for free on this scheme, and they do a whole evaluation to start with, to get an idea of the best workouts to do. People on benefit get a very good deal from Clapham, actually, so even once you've used up your freebies, it's cheap enough even for the likes of me to use the gym/pool a couple of times a week.
I would sooo love to do aquaerobics and pilates (less keen about the 'regular' gym ordeals...) I've always bottled out, though, for dread of the inevitable mockery from hordes of loud ethnic 'normal' kids. Well,I'm definitely going this time. I may not be able to cope, but at least I'll go through with the 'intro' riff, and see how I feel.
I haven't been in a pool in about 25 years. It's much more scary than finding a quietish space on a beach, and that's hard enough... I wonder if they'd let me do aquaerobics in leggings and a T shirt? (Hey, 'the Viking' on CELEBRITY FIT CLUB is allowed to keep his on!) We'll see...

It looks like the guy across the way is moving out, not getting a flatmate! Shite, that's even worse! At least he's basically OK in his brainscrambled, chaotic way. God knows what kind of chav/yardie breedermonsters might be about to descend.
I'm quite glad for old J actually. He's going to Brixton, which for some reason is what he wants, and he'll have a little courtyard to sit in and (oh bliss-) a SHOWER.
STILL NO SKY!!! They'e 'definitely' coming tomorrow...

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