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Weary, Flat, Stale And Unprofitable...

I can't remember my dreams, I've got no creative urge, no money, and don't really see the point to life on earth  at the moment. Still no digital TV, either. They SAID he'd come today...

 Must watch CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER to see if the deeply frightening Jackie Stallone is still fermenting in her pyjamas. As of last night, it was 34 hours.* She goes to bed with all that eyeliner on, too, unless it's tattooed. McCririck was enthusing about cleavage sex again,when not picking his nose and eating it, and Caprice is still obsessing about 'flagellation'; nobody's put 'er straight yet. Give poor ol' Bez the money and just stop it now, I say. It's  Wrong.

Speaking of Wrong, EASTENDERS is irredeemable by now, I think. This whole Zoe's-fake-pregnancy folderol is as bad as the Ferreira-kidney-boys saga. Nobody could be that dumb, surely. She's actually 'done it' with the wizened and lizardly Dirty Den in the 'hope' of getting genuinely up the duff. Gah... Plus she's such a strange shape; very tall and thin, but with tits like footballs, and I think they're genuine. Odd. Rubber-ring lips, too, which I think are also 'hers'. Everyone seems to fancy her, so I'm probably just envious, being a geriatric monstrosity and all.

*Ms Stallone evidently wore her jimjams for 54 hours straight before being evicted... I had to snigger when I heard her alarming physiognomy likened to one of 'Senor Winces' the ventriloquist's creatures. I failed to get much through Google, but decades ago, this man was a very popular guest on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, a weekly ritual for all US homes. He used to 'talk' to his hand, which was made up with boggle-eyes. skewiff wig and weird contorted mouth (a la Jackie). Even more frightening to me as a nipper, was a too-realistic bald, bespectacled beardy man's head in a box. Of such things are nightmares and neuroses spawned...

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