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Dozy Old Technophobe Time...

Geriatric PC now only works in Safe Mode, and I can't figure why this should be. Also, on my keyboard, when you type " you get @, and vice versa. I've been using it like this for months, but it's annoying. Now I know there's some simple way of correcting it, but I can't find it. Anyone know offhand?
Bah, I'm still pretty coughy and snorty, but I feel a bit better, I guess.I don't think I know anyone who hasn't been poorly this week, and I suppose it could be linked to post-holiday stress, but I don't even have the holiday aggro that most 'normals' who have to cohabit with family/attend bloody parties/do a lot of shopping, etc. for weeks have to endure.
I've been keeping track of CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, of course, though not watching all of it. Must say I really, really like the rather nauseating John McCrirrick's 'buffalo' coat. Want one. Isn't he ewwwsome, though? The hair!-no wonder he wears those deerstalkers, etc. all the time. I think he does deliberately comes on as repellent as humanly possible as a schtik, but the mental picture of him engaging in his favourite passtime of 'cleavage sex', was a bit much for me in my run-down condition. Ergh...I suppose I'll have to watch again, to find out if anyone is ever going to tell Caprice that flatulence and flagellation are not the same thing. As for Germaine Greer degrading herself, ah, why not? I look upon it as a wearing-purple and a red hat that doesn't suit her- statement. Us old crocks like to have a larf, too.
This carry-on with the screaming glassy-eyed Xtians trying to get JERRY SPRINGER_THE OPERA taken off TV tonight, is another very worrying development. I'm beginning to fear that freedom of expression in the anglophone countries is becoming seriously endangered, at an accelerating speed.O tempora, O mores Oy vey!

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