Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hey, Poverty-Stricken Arty Folk...

I just got this via Zograf. Seems like a nice way for us impecunious boho types to do a lil' bit to help. (We'll have to be pretty quick about it, though!)

Want to help with the Tsunami Relief Fund, but don't know how? Stone broke after Christmas, but want to lend a hand anyway? Don't have a creative bone in your body but have wads of cash you'd like to donate to a worthy cause?

Support the Ottawa Animation Tsunami Relief Fund Calendar!

How can you help?

By providing any of the following:

Submissions of Artwork, black & white or colour reproductions for 1 time use in the calendar with full credit. Artwork includes: "serious" paintings, cartoons, comics, animation drawings, whatever. These can be either e-mailed to me in high quality scanned format (300 dpi please :-) or hard-copy/ photographs/ photocopies snail-mailed to: 812 Bronson Ave. Ottawa, ON K1S 4G4. It is also possible to hand off artwork to me in person; just call & we can set up a meeting: 237-6622.

I would like to get the calendar layout done for this project and have it printed within the next two weeks, so unfortunately for those of you who would like to put together something new, you only have a week to do it. My recommendation is to pick something that you have already done that you really like (that you feel is a strong piece) and submit that instead.

I am also interested in poetry, quotes, brief writing, haikus, etc. from our more literary talents. Please find a piece that you particularly enjoy, it CAN be a work that has already been published, as long as you hold the copyright, and submit it to me via e-mail for consideration in the Calendar. Your work may be edited for length.

The Ottawa Animation Tsunami Relief Calendar will require the following:
1 colour cover (landscape format, 11" x 8.5")
12-24 colour/ black & white images for the interior (various sizes)
12-36 quotes, haikus, writing, proverbs etc.

If you cannot provide artwork, or writing but would like to donate funds to this project, your help would be greatly appreciated. All of the money that is received will go to the production of the calendar and any extra monies will be donated to the Tsunami Relief Fund. You can write a cheque directly to me & receive a receipt in return. As I'm doing this by the seat of my pants, I don't know if it's tax deductible or not. You can also send $$ via Paypal to my yahoo address: Please let me know in the subject line who you are and that your donation is for the calendar. My deepest thanks to anyone who wishes to help out in this manner. I am also going to be seeking advertizers to help provide funds to get this project printed & assist with distribution costs.

Another thing that folks can do to help is to spread the word. Please let other artists, writers and helpful patrons know about this project and put them in contact with me! Suzanne Marsden 237-6622 We have TWO WEEKS, that's it. Spread the word! Spread it loud! Make Ottawa proud of its animation community, its writers and artists (and patrons :-)

Thanks in advance for your help.
Submission deadline for all creative material: 7pm Friday January 14th, 2005
Financial support deadline: Wednesday January 19th, 2005

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