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Today's Shriek of Self-Pity...

I LOST TEN POUNDS!!! Waaaaaah...When you're living on as little as I am, with no prospects of improving the situation, and are at least shoulder-deep in debt, that is very, very bad news. I think it must have been in the post office, where I was fuddled after queueing for half an hour, and the poor over-worked woman on the counter was all aflutter. I have a feeling I ended up paying her twice. Oh fucking bloody hell...What tsunami? I LOST TEN POUNDS!!!
I also braved a photo machine, as part of my 'try to get fittish' aspiration. You need a picture for the gym application form. I look like a helium-inflated Leonard Cohen. Ohhh, fiddle-de-dee!
In the cut-price CD shop, I nearly bought a boxed set of early blues singers for a fiver, but resisted, feeling proud of my sensible self-control...

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