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Sitting Here in Big Socks and Dressing Gown...

Rocking back and forth to keep warm. Waiting for my jacket potato to cook, working on a story, and now, wasting time here...
Extremely lurid 'documentaries' on TV last night THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN HISTORY featured Ivan the Terrible. I was always under the impression he'd had a bad press, was no worse than any other despot of the day, but not according to this...He was an animal-torturer/killer as a child; sure sign of grownup psycho. Later,he used to put victims in giant frying pans (!), and participate himself in dungeon activities, tearing people's ribs out with red hot pincers, etc. :O Unsurprisingly, he had a callous on his forehead from whacking it on the cobbles while prostrating himself before ikons... Curious individual... I remember being really scared as a little kid, by that painting of him , eyes goggling in remorse,cradling his very gory dead son, who he'd just accidentally brained with his lickin' stick 'in a spasm of insane rage'...I had nightmares about it. (Probably it was a bit near the knuckle, as I always was afraid my father would actually kill me some time, while in one of HIS spasms...)
Then I watched THE TRUTH ABOUT GAY SEX. No offence,gayfolks, but that vivid view up somebody's rectum was definitely the Bad Sight of the Week, so far...Actually, when Mona Hartoum was up for the Turner prize, I saw her installation where various views on her innards (including up the bum-) were pojected onto to the floor inside a little round phone-boothy enclosure. You were supposed to stand inside to view it, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to -er- enter. Ewwww...

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and then browse around because laura is cool.

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