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The late-night OZ screenings are quite recent ones. I'd been hoping they'd go back to the very beginning, as I was unaware of its barbaric charms through most of the first season. Bum. Can't say ANDROMEDA did all that much for me, but it's watchable. May tape it again. Still pretty still and deserted  around here. Went to ASDA, where the shelves were half-bare, and I couldn't get R's bloody organic veg. (Her rabbits eat nothing else!) I'm aching all over, and wishing the heat would come on. (I have it set to start at 6pm, and I've been too extravagant recently, having it come on for a couple of hours in the morning as well. Cannot afford...)

cleanskies , remember to post the rest of your Pancevo strips in English, when you get the chance. I'm very curious as to what 'Mocca' is holding forth about... You've captured his wee hat beautifully.


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