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Christmas Blahs...

Enlivened for a while by a visit from helenraven , who for some masochistic reason had elected to walk here and back, including the stairs! That's stamina! She should be well up to the looming circumnavigation...Alas, I supplied the wrong kind of nibbles, and had nothing else to offer but savoury rice cakes!  Must do better. Wotan got at the rice cakes, dragged his arse across F's glass,and crapped. (Bless.) Watched SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and a rather underpowered chunk of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD. Hey, more Herne, sorcery, and naked boys, please! 

Must ring mother, but not quite yet; far too sober. Think I may play with my new rapidoliner for a bit.

Had dreams of some sort of commune again. More bare floorboards, and another rather attractive younger man; don't know who he was... We sat looking through some sketches that were going to be collated for a comic. I was impressed to find that one was an original Hunt Emerson. As we worked, we ate 'cockroaches', as we had no money for food. They were rather waxy, like those 'lips' and 'moustaches' we used to get as kids, and when you bit into them, they were hollow.Quite palatable, actually.

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