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Frightful Paranoia-Inducing Pressie...

R-next-door presented me with a tin of organic cat food for Wotan, and something she beamed 'I was so happy when I saw this'...over. She reckoned it was a really 'me' sort of tchotchke... The previous owner who left it in the thrift shop probably realised that it's the shiny black plastic reproduction head of a particularly unpleasant Aztec diety...'Lord of the Corn' is it? the one who's reclining with a dish on his belly for the sacrificed human hearts to go into? It's one of the famous ones, but I can't find it on Google at present, and I've got other boring things to do. What bloody next? I'll have to keep it for a while, as she's often in here.
Went out to Sainsbury's about 8:30 to get the bits I'd forgotten. The busses were only running about every half hour...As usual, they fail to take into consideration that a lot of poor slobs have to work Christmas Eve, as I usually did. The shop was already crowded with the fraught and crabby, and I was wayyyy glad to get out of it.
Managed a very entertaining dream,last night, anyway. I was young and fit, in some sort of hippie artists' commune, and ended up in an attic having exceptionally entertaining mad monkey sex with young Julian Barratt. Arrrh, that were fun, that were.
I think I read somewhere that a cracked Xtian decapitated Beck's figure at Mme Tussaud's, resulting in the closure of that rather tasteless 'Nativity' tableau. I've also been quite disgusted by that 'Last Supper' poster for SHAMELESS (another TV super-hit that I find pretty underwhelming-) I mean, I am really not into practising organised religion, but I do find things like that rather gross and offencive. Of course, I'd rather see and *tsk* at them than have censorship. The weird thing is, they're censoring hell out of people who say rude things about other cultures and creeds, but it seems perfectly OK to take the piss out of poor old Jesus. Mad world, etc.

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