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A Not-Very-Interesting-Day...

Yesterday was enlivened by cool lil' parcel from cleanskies   with paper products and a teenyweeny glass pen! Yeh!  Most appreciated. Today's post was also a bit of a bonanza. COMICS JOURNAL, a cheap rapidoliner (brand new) from Ebay, and two cool clothing items (also from Ebay...there's this great 'shop' that does almost nothing but the lurid hippydippy tunics I favour.) and my sister sent me a Blueline Pro gift certificate. Wayhey! Pretty damn good. MMMmmmm; posh comic boards, PENS...

I couldn't be arsed to watch much of the Comedy Awards last night, hence didn't get to see any appearances by the yummy Julian Barrat, and other MIGHTY BOOSH luminaries. I don't get the big deal about LITTLE BRITAIN, personally; I've seen it 4-5 times, I guess, but only find it mildly amusing, although some of the characters are brilliant,granted.  I feel the same about MONKEY DUST, and everyone always raves about that, too.(Old fart has no SOH, no doubt.)

Tried to watch that short film by Lars Von Trier on TV last night, as well, and just kept falling asleep,over and over, until it was finished.  I usually like his stuff, but this, obviously didn't do it for me.

Picked up the cat pee collection kit from the vet. Not even going to think about it, until after the 'festivities'.


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