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Gloom & Doom

Christ, it's dark...Greatly enjoyed dickonedwards  lovely long post today. Hypochondria is MAJOR, folks. People just don't understand, they should be shitting themselves ,too. We're all caught up in the Dance of Death, ( but I want as decourous and low-agony a passing as possible, and not for many decades, yet...)

 As for people always knowing they were 'odd', like some people seem to realise in early childhood that they're gay, I certainly knew I was 'different', like, as soon as I knew anything. I wasn't like other kids, and I definitely wasn't like my parents...I felt very ashamed of this (still do-), because I was made to. In the 50's I don't think anyone was encouraged to 'just be your beautiful self'!  I remember consciously trying to enjoy things like playing mini-housefrau with dolls, etc., and trying to fit in, in various ways...I think it just made me look more peculiar because I was trying so hard. Eh!

I saw a toy pirate ship in LIDL recently and had this sudden  big rush of coveting it. I've never recovered from having that one I briefly had, as a tot,  taken to be given as a present to a horrible cousin who used to give me Chinese burns. Depressing to realise how these things stick with you  forever; yahhhh....

I have now got  thirty-five pounds in book tokens, thanks to luck and friends' generosity!  I'll have to think seriously about what to indulge myself with... 

'Watched'  the Royal Command Performance last night to admire the building and see if anyone I remember appeared. The usual shite; why on earth do they do it? Surely  rich people would rather just contribute to charity than sit through three hours or more of such stuff. The most exciting act was Tommy Steele! He radiated the only genuine enthusiasm; I guess 'cos he doesn't have to perform very often.


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