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Cunnilingus With Kim & Aggie...

Taped HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE? and SEX INSPECTORS,then fell asleep half-watching them, and dreamed that Kim and Aggie were kneeling in a grotty kennel training this dismal Essex couple in the correct practise of oral sex! (Much more entertaining than either show actually is...) Kim & Aggie aren't that bad, but the 'jokey' narration is just unbearable, and the Sex Boffins are seriously grim. The woman has always infuriated me; she used to be on some make-yourself-into-a-nice-'feminine' Barbie-clone-and-bag-a-partner dross. The sleazy gay bloke is nearly as vile.It must take a very 'special' type of person, as well, to go on national TV discussing how crap your sex life is, and performing for the (mercifully-) infa-red cameras. One guy ran a pub, as well, can you imagine the comments from his clientele?

I've been tormented with horrible short, sharp sudden pains in the groin, that just make you fold over, for the last two days. I've been sneezing constantly, as well. Is this the 'kidney flu' I've heard tell about? I don't seem to have a fever, but I'm pretty crook.
Despite the malaise, I made myself go to check out the Marlene Dumas exhibit at the Frith Street Gallery. This involved a nasty spiral staircase, steep, too. There were only about ten paintings, but it was definitely worth a look. I like Dumas. Her stuff looks pretty minimal, but she always packs a punch with it. One room this time was full of big portraits of apparently sleeping-or dead women, and was quite spooky.

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