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It's All Like One Looong Overcast Day...

Is Ben Lewis the most irritating person on TV? I think he may be. I find him physically repellent, as well, and his voice is loathsome. He does cover interesting subjects fairly often, though. THE ART SHOW devoted an hour to the Austin lifestyle and work of Richard Linklater, auteur of one of my great favourite films, WAKING LIFE. I wish I could find a nice boho colony to live in, on no money. Seaside would be imperative, though. Austin looks ultra-hot and sweaty.

Got grumpy with R. again. I think that's a pattern of mine. I allow myself to be exploited,going out of my way to help, because, well, it's good to think we could all help each other, then people come to expect these big favours from me all the time, regardless of how inconvenienced I am, then I get nasty, because I don't know how to keep things within reasonable limits while staying 'nice'. Gah- Calling Miss Manners

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