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Fretful Fulminations...

Still grizzling about terrifying poverty situation and intimations of impending doom...double-dumb, of course, as if I do expire, I won't have to worry about the money...Then, again, if I get wound up enough about money, I could blow a gasket and die...Squeal-
Fell asleep watching the feckin' Turner Prize last night. (Most boring EVAH! Never thought I'd say this, but bring back Tracey Emin in a drunken frenzy-)Then, I couldn't sleep later on, of couse, and spent a dismal night squirmin' like a worm, trying to get in a comfortable position, obsessing about the Reaper, and listening to Tibetan throat singing and such on the World Service.
Got a copy of MORE DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR from the Mind shop for 35p. All right! Also a book about travelling in Yugoslavia in the 70's, that mentions Pancevo twice, and has a fair bit about Belgrade, with lots of old photos.

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