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One of my fits of being annoyed with R asking me to do dreary errands for her all the time. Got a teeny bit of drawing done, but it's like pulling teeth these days, and I'm not producing anything good...
This ongoing Blunkett thing is hilarious (and infuriating...). It's always the Puritanical types, innit?
I got some old Leroy pens on Ebay, and can't figure out how to fill them. Anybody know where to get the squeezybottles for their cartridges?
Saw an item on last night's BBC news (so it must be true, yeah?) about this man who was 29 stone, lost over 10 in a year, although he wasn't able to exercise at first, and is now very fit, through getting daily Alpine Air therapy in Covent Garden, at a mere 250 quid a course. Sounds good to me. Rich patrons, are you there?

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