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Vaguely Annoying Day...

Don't know why. I got a bit of drawing done yesterday. Last night I had to puke for no reason I can think of. Not pleasant.
Went for a mooch in Covent Garden, couldn't get the cool cheap stuff I saw before, for presents. (Always, always buy these things ot once; don't faff about, should know by now...) Went into TESCO's where I hadn't been for some time, and seeing that they now stock the infamous Krispy Kreme doughnuts about which I've read so much, I bought 3 (.90-1.10 for one bloody doughnut!) to find out what the fuss was about. God, never again, must never go anywhere near a KrispyKreme outlet...(Ate 'em all barely pausing to draw breath. Wanted more. LOTS more. Still do.)They're worse than crack, it's true.
I walked along New Row. Still more of the familiar shops gone. I see the little old watchmaker finally gave up. He was nice. Always took trouble to find batteries for my miserable cheapo watches, so I wouldn't have to buy new ones, and kept them going with very cheap repairs, etc. Went to Watkins annexe, looked at amazing old Tibetan tunics, covered with coins, etc. (200 quid-)in a new shop, then had a drift round the Crypt Gallery, which only had a show of really crap landscapes. It started filling up with lunch-bound old ladies, so I didn't stay long.

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