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Cruel Scams, Etc....

Today I've had an email from 'UK LOTTO' informing me that I've definitely won over two million Yankee dollars AND a phone message telling me to ring straight back and claim my Carribean holiday. It's silly to get riled, but it just seems like rubbing poor hopelss sods' noses in it, all the time. The LOTTO one was so 'official', too, I'm sure some 'vulnerable' people would end up getting lured into whatever it is they're up to. Grrr!
I've officially given up on the new PC, now. Another session with AOL online help desk has informed me again that it's a 'bad software problem'...Sooo, I'm sort of back to square one, except for the big monitor (which keeps blinking worryingly-)
When I wasn't faffing with that, I was dealing with the contractor who's supposed to be fixing the pigeon netting. He came yesterday, when I wasn't here (because I hadn't been informed anyone was coming...) came back today, while I was in the middle of an incomprehensible carry-on with Mr AOL #5, had a look at it, and said he'd have to come back tomorrow with somebody else.
Also, I've had to fill out the mind-bending annual HC1 form to get prescriptions, etc. They make it almost impossible to acquire one. Most surgeries, chemists, etc, don't know what you're talking about, although they're supposed to have them. If you ring the Benefit bods,they deny all responsibility for such things. Once, you do get the feckin' thing, it's torment, and they take forever to sort it out, although nothing's bloddy changed from the last time. YAAAAArgh!
I've watched EASTENDERS right from the start, through all sorts of permutations, and have to admit that it has now become so out and out bad I can't even enjoy it camply any more.How did this happen? So many really shit, inutile characters that they just keep flogging on in retarded cornball plots. Bah!

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