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Oh, My Blood Pressure...

I have been trying to get online for three days, now, with the newish,freshly live-hard-drived, software-rich PC. Nothing works. I had a long frustrating conversation with a very vague Indian gent at AOL helpdesk, and ended up wallowing in the scary wilds of hyperterminal land. If I did all that stuff, and it didn't work, he said, I'd need to get an engineer ...I need say no more, but oh, the pain-

I stumbled upon yet another unwelcome display of the oozing deceased on the otherwise laughable TRUE HORROR. Poor Anthony Head had to visit a mortuary where a scarily laid back (well, I guess they have to be-) pathologist showed him some bodies, and then treated him (and us) to a series of those slides.God, I really feel morbid enough, at present, thanks- What made it tolerable was the looking-like-I-felt expression on Mr Head's usually chirpy lil' face. Poor poppet, I think he earned his no doubt substantial lolly that day. The really intrguing bit,though, if genuine, was news footage from a very recent incident in Romania where villagers dug up and desecrated some poor old man who was thought to have become a vampire. I particularly liked the toothless turkey-faced old geezer waving 'the pitchfork I did it with' and shouting "Film this!' It's worth watching the first ten minutes for this. Most of it is really puerile stuff that everyone knows presented as if it were some big -well 'Discovery'. It's on later tonight, anyhow.

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