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Got the 'new' PC back, and have spent most of last night and this morning failing to get onto the internet. Still using the old one. God, it's frustrating.
Had to wait an hour and a half for my smear test. I felt very nervous about it, for some strange reason. Never used to be bothered. I suppose it's an old age thing. The longer you go on, the sooner something horrible will happen. I've noticed people don't look surprised when they hear how old I am, any more...
Oh yeah, and they really shouldn't let people eat in medical waiting rooms. Had to sit in the stench of Mac & Fries, for ages. God, there are so many uncouth fuckers about...and breeding. (Shudder-)
Had to have a huge long interview, although I was in the health centre I always go to. The old nurse(?)lady asked stuff like what operations have you had? 'Termination' says I.'Have you ever been pregnant?' says she...Doesn't do much to build your confidence. She also assured me very loudly and reassuringly that I was about to have A 'LADY' doctor poke about in me privates.I didn't give a monkey's what gender they were, if they'd only bloody get on with it. God, I'm glad that's over...

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