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We're All Doomed...

So much bad, bad stuff... What a sad old fucked up world it is, to be sure! It always seems things have never been this grim, but I wonder if that's because in times gone by, like even 50 years ago, say, we didn't have constant, instant exposure to people doing war crimes on each other absolutely everywhere, venal,corrupt people in power,ditto, the climate going crazy, more species going extinct every day, and what have you? I guess it's all been happening forever, but it feels scarier now,because we see it non-stop.
I also had the misfortune to see a short TV programme about "the Body Farm" where forensic scientists study decaying corpses. I should have switched off, fast, but you don't do you? They only went and showed facial closeups of this man's body mutating from just-dead to two weeks or so 'gone'. I think the worst is about day 5, with hugely swollen face due to maggots erupting from mouth... Fuck me,I hope I get cremated immediately. Not that you'd care, at that point,I guess, but I'd hate to be responsible for someone being brain-scarred for life by finding something like that. Jeez...
I blew nearly 5 quid to see the NPG show of Watts portraits. Interesting, though; he was quite an intriguing painter, for a 'conventional' one. Incredible, when ya think he was self-taught, too. Also checked out the Photography awards, which was a bit too crowded. OK, but I didn't see anything that really 'got' me.

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