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Anti-Social Behavour...

In ASDA, I was fascinated by the checkout droid's, rather lengthy pause between the person in front, and toting up my stuff, while she stuck her nose into her cleavage, sniffed deeply several times, and then nodded to herself, as if reassured as to the state of her personal hygiene. So nice...
Then, in LIDL a furious little Muslim man tried desperately to unload his stuff ahead of mine onto the conveyor belt, despite the fact that my shopping was already there,had been before he even came along, moving towards the checkout...
After that,three large youths jammed on to the bus, out of nowhere, nearly knocking me off the platform as I struggled to get the feckin' trolley on board.
Later, I was taking the 'new' PC in the trolley to be collected by a driver so that Sasa's saintly friends can have a look at it, and a delightful young mum, of the tinted Vicki Pollard persuasion got into the lift a few floors down, with huge pushchair and drooling spawn. Despite my moving as far back as was humanly posssible, actually allowing my back, and the trolley to touch the slimy (Ewww-) walls, she crowed "ScuseME, can't you move back no more?" "No, that's not possible", sez I,and she gave me this really frightening Death Stare, which I did my best to hold, but I was shitting myself...
Life's constantly like this, nowadays, and what's worse, I find myself boiling with the urge to get violent, even though I'd be killed by any of these people in short order...well, I might hold my own against the lil' old man...I have these terrible racist thoughts, too. It's hard not to, when it's fairly obvious that they're disrespecting me for my race...

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