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Incapacitated With Paranoia...,3605,1349852,00.html

This afflicted me with such fear that I had nightmares last night. I am truly a pitiful feeb. The saddest thing is that my claims are pretty legit, too. I  just have this terror of 'their 'deciding that I'm not  quite mad and decrepit  enough, and tough-loving me into a stroke in a call centre...I could do with an interesting (part-time-)  'job' where I earned a living wage, without having to cope with the stress of dealing with 'the public', which I  just- can't-do, any more, or using  the tube. I can't see that materialising, though. Any kind of work I'd be 'helped back into' would be so menial as to leave me as badly off, financially, as being on benefit, with the added 'bonus' of killing me (One more burden off the taxpayers' back...). Fret, whinge, whiffle...

Oh, kinkysweetheart, there's a film that keeps surfacing on the Horror Channel (330), that has Lance Hendriksen in it.It's called PUMPKINHEAD, and is fairly lame, but not half as bad as some of them...

I should have gone to the launderette, but I could not be arsed. I seem to be in a bad way, at the moment, AND  it's only a few hours till Listen To Mother time...


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