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After millions of phone calls to the council, etc. the usual morass of misinformation and bullshitting. I seem to be able to get my digital TV stations again, after 3 weeks' deprivation. I know it's exceedingly sad to be so pleased, but yayyy, I get to see the double bill of CARNIVALE tonight! I've missed loads of cool stuff, of course. There's hugely less 'must see' material on now that I can actually see it. 'Twas ever thus...
I read an item that claimed Elaine Page once did a cover version of RADIO GAGA. Can this be true? 'It harrows me with fear and wonder. '
I'm still trying to sort out the 'new' PC that Sasa's pal Buca and his colleague so kindly spent ages setting up for me. It broke down totally,of course, the morning after I got it, and it looks like it could be a terminal event. Maybe not, faffing is still in progress. At least my old wreck is (sort of-) working. Fingers crossed.

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