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Naked Celeb Dream...

Setting is a petrol station in the sticks, It all looks a bit like the end of FIVE EASY PIECES shot through a blue filter. Tracey Emin, a desperate hooker, approaches a man who is about to get into his car. He refuses, and drives off. She and her younger friend, who is leaning against a motorcycle, are penniless. She slumps despairingly against a telephone pole, and her coat falls open, revealing that she's naked, ready for business.Both women weep noisily.
Then there was a really strange saga about being kidnapped and held in a huge underground bunker complex, by a lot of very good-looking youngish blonde people. I think it's a cult of some sort, as despite my protests, they want me to be their 'Jesus', and present me with a huge platinum chain with big aquamarines in it (like, golf-ball sized-) I just don't understand the whole thing, and why all these angelic-looking folk want an outstandingly 'unattractive' person to be their Messiah.Their was a lot more, and it was most peculiar, but I've lost it now. Damn.

Sad to read that Fred Dibnah died. I wasn't a particular fan, but that's another eccentric boffiny person gone...

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