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Dead Celeb Spot...

An elderly man on the bus looking astonishingly like Henry Fonda...
Good to see some folks have got things in proportion; this morning's front page Sun headline bawled "WILL YOUNG BURGLED!" Evidently they got loads of pix of him in drag, and other 'sensitive, personal' stuff. Snigger.
Poodled around in the West End for a bit, looking for an interesting diary, cheap, and prezzie stuff (VERY cheap).Found nowt. Stopped in the Photographers' Gallery,

to gawp at the rather weird products of a Lebanese portrait photographer who catered to his subjects' desires to pose with strange props, flaunt the genitals of their boy babies, and do a lot of balletic mimes with same-sex kissing.
Drooled over Godzilla-related items in that cinema shop on St Martin's Lane, and resisted the Red Hots siren song drifting from Cybercandy to the Graphics Centre (spent money there, though...)

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