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Saucy Spambot...

Hullo, Lee!

Don't ask me how I've got your e-mail (if you do I'll tell you).
Anyhow I had a look at the scramble of your site and then my eye caught "kinky erotica" under interests and I thought: "Sounds to good to be true".
Now, you wouldn't be interested in exchanging a mail or two with a "nainstream" cartoonist, would you?

The very best regards,
(or Saso (Sahsho) if you prefer)

Ooo-er! Apart from that, no joy in Mudville... I feel quite depressed, actually. I knew Bush would win, and even if Kerry won, things wouldn't be much better, but still, now that "four more years" (if civilisation lasts that long-) is grim reality, I feel bad.

I also realised there was something on TV last night- the season finale of SIX FEET UNDER! Yaaaah! I bloody missed it!!!

As for the rental orgy, PASSION OF THE CHRIST was rather better than expected. I mean, it was really a typical pious epic, but being free of big stars and spectacle, was quite OK, really. You don't have to be a rabid Xtian to think Jesus was generally a Good Thing, shame about what they did to his teachings. It was nearly as gory as advertised, but as I was dragged up in convent schools where they had us doing graphic meditations on the wounds of Christ( and how we personally were responsible for every drop of shed Sacred Blood-) from the age of six, I wasn't shocked by it.

VAN HELSING was rather less good than expected. Mr Jackman with flowing locks and leather coat was a pleasing sight to lull a poor old woman to sleep, and I did sleep through quite a bit of it, I think. The CG stuff looked pretty cheesy, a lot of the time, a letdown after the 'best-bits' trailers.

SKY Agony continues... I've now discovered that nobody in the building has SKY service now, it's all due to the aerial on the roof, and neither SKY nor the council is accepting responsibility for fixing it.You'd think the concierge might have put a note up, or something so that all tenants would have known what was going on, at least, but that would have been really complicated. Fap!

Every time I have to look at myself these days, I'm really horrified to see how much I look like a very debauched, scrofulous old Roman...A bloated Tiberius, maybe, after quite a few too many orgies on Capri. I honestly don't think I deserve this. Oh yeah, it's so unfair...


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