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This is my third attempt to post today. They just go "poof"...
I wandered down to St John's Hill to snaff around Walden & Co, the big stationers/art supply shop that's been there for aeons. It was shut. Gorn. A sign in the window said "Last day July 24. Make us an offer on anything." If they had to shut down, why was I ignorant of it? I could have at least grabbed some bargains. Same thing happened when we lost Neat Street East. They were both places I only went to maybe five times a year, but it was very nice knowing they were there.
What's all this I half-heard on the news about removing all the pagodas and stuff in Chinatown, and all? God, things aren't dreary enough?
As for the US election, I know how bloody important it is, but I'm still bored, and don't feel optimistic either way, just slightly less doomed, maybe, if Kerry wins. There is nothing on terrestial TV tonight but dull political stuff, so I've rented VAN HELSING and PASSION OF THE CHRIST (nice combo, I thought-) to divert my dull mind.

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