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Ain't Got No...

Digital TV,(despite broom-handle whack attack...) or indeed a chair to sit on safely, scanner, printer, properly-working PC, properly-working hoover, non-allergy-inflaming flooring, etc. etc. Rich patrons, now is the hour...Feck.

Yes, crazycrone is on Paypal, now, btw...I know you're out there. While you're at it, buy a song off  andypop  for a mere 50 quid, to support his further education, and  throw in something to help keep the wonderful dickonedwards  glittering, too!

. Got the new GIRLYCOMIC, anyway. Squee! I think it's particularly good this time, and not just 'cos I have a long story in it. Everybody buy!  I need to order 4 more, myself.



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