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Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!! The Last of LEXX

I am emotionally wrung out and flapping in the breeze.Alas! Too cruel! I shouldn't admit it, but I cried. I regularly snivel over pet death on ANIMAL HOSPITAL and stuff, but never get that worked up over characters as a rule. I had to grizzle a bit over Kai, though. I knew it had to happen, but it was just so sadistic. I must say Xev seemed to get over it pretty quickly...Resilent, these cluster lizards- I gather 790 is still alive, having been sucked into the regenerated Lexx. It was a good last show, all in all, but this season could easily have been something else, really the greatest sci-fi show of all time. It's strange that the creators just appeared to lose interest and fling out any old shite most weeks. I'd love to know the real scuttlebutt about the making of LEXX. I feel sure there are some strange tales to tell, which, sadly, will probably never be known to the world at large. Hey, and what am I going to do for my Michael McManus fix from now on? Oh, arrrrrrrrrgh!!!
Bloody hot, and traffic/busses completely fucked up and infuriating all the way. I was late to class having waited nearly an HOUR for a 77A (...of course, I don't have a valid bus pass, but hey, we shouldn't have to pay for such a pathetic service!) This wimpoid girl who looks like 'Tara' out of BUFFY, demanded that the studio door be closed (basement, no windows-) because it was 'draughty' so everyone had to asphyxiate for 3 hours. Most of the people in my 'Childrens' Book Illustration' class are highly skilled and very talented. Arse! I'm used to being Ms Hot Unsung Genius, and I'm only average in that crowd...Mucho annoying.

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