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Nice Day, Actually...

Went moseying for a while. Spent money at Cass Arts, like a prat; got some more of those water soluble pastels I like playing with.
Still a bit bummed about John Peel, actually. I know it's illogical, but when somebody like that goes,( far too early, too-) you feel you've 'lost a friend' in some way.
Renate was in hysterics after being run into by one of the feral neighbourhood brats cycling at top speed on the pavement. It's terrifying when they come speeding around the corner at you, especially when you're not able to move quickly. Of course, you never see a cop around here, so there's no way of 'reporting' them, or anything. They can, and do, just laugh at you.
I was up latish last night and LEXX came on, so I watched, thinking maybe the infamous season 4 would look a bit better after some time. It bloody doesn't! I've seldom seen anything so out and out BAD. The actors all look like they're thinking "Why me? How did I get into this?', etc. although in actuality, they were probably concentrating on the good TV money they were getting instead of theatre peanuts, for a change, but boy, they were working for it...There must be a really fascinating story behind that series, waiting to be told. I know none of the seasons ever quite lived up to the original films, but 1-3 were generally very entertaining and way better than the average series of that type. Then the final series everyone was really looking forward to, was so tooth-looseningly, insultingly dreadful...Why? The beatific vision of Michael McManus as Kai was splendid as ever, though. Rowr...Still, wotta waste!

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