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Strange Saying...

I wonder if this is just one of those 'family' sayings, or if anyone else has ever heard it...When I was a kid, and decided I wanted to be an actor,artist, beatnik,genius, etc, and expressed my ambition, the adult response would always be "Ah, she saw the sunshine on a piece of glass". ie: had developed an absurd and (hopefully) short-lived enthusiasm for something stupid and inappropriate. It used to really give me the hump...
I still have no bloody SKY service. Shit...
Oh well, Klaus Maria Brandauer is on terrestial BBC1 late tonight (THE LIGHTSHIP...looks vaguely interesting. he be cool, anyway.)
Wonder how the London Comic do went: it was probably excellent, just 'cos I stayed indoors hacking & spewing, thinking well, it looks dull anyway.

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