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Trashy CrackWhore Threads

Just been looking at the Frederick's of Hollywood site. Mother o'God-they're still as weird as they were when I was a little kid! They used to have adverts in comic books, and I'd use them as templates for paper dolls! Astonishing 7" fuck-me pumps, corkscrew wigs, transparent negligees, etc-some in 'plus sizes' too. Yeh! I rather fancy the 'gladiatrix' stiletto sandals, although I wouldn't make it to the door in 'em, much less vanquish my foes in the arena!
Went to the GP to-day to get my loan claim updated. Always makes me nervous. She said I should re-apply for a mobility bus pass, which would be cool, but I don't see why they'd change their mind.
Fell asleep and missed THE TRUTH ABOUT GAY ANIMALS last night; damn. I did see a bit with two girl chimps rubbing their weird udder-like vulvas together frantically. Not a pretty sight...Haagen Dazs has a new flavour out; banana caramel. MMmmm... One of my all-time faves is Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey, so I'm sorely tempted...

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