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Launderette Day,,,

Tedious, crowded. No kids, anyway.

I fell asleep while watching a TV programme about Carlysle, which must have included his famously  hairaising description of the death of Robespierre, as I had some  really  intense  mutilation, decapitation, baying mob-type nightmares, including seeing this profoundly  fucked-up obviously 'dead ' guy laid out on a table, only  you could tell his eyes were still conscious. Ugh! Fiery apocalyptic stuff, too; strange airships on Wandsworth Road, people running aroung screaming, getting zapped, and piling up crisped  in the gutters, etc. Whew...  

I'm perkier, but still have a very annoying cough. Dunno if I'm going to the Comic Festival thing  tomorrow. I really haven't got the money to spare, and none of the events look particularly interesting, except for the 'interview' by Jonathan Ross  of  Grant Morrison. That's even more money, though, and there are not going to be any famous people actually corporeally present, which I think is a bit of a swizz.

If  I'm going to go hacking around sharing my germs, I feel more inclined to take in the Small Press Fair at Red Lion Square, which I haven't attended in ages, but always used to enjoy. Of course, I could do both...Just dunno. If I actually don't make it to the comic do, my 'toilet' strip's nearly done, so I'll snailmail it, OK,  girlycomic  ?





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