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Flu Jab?

Finally went today, in response to yet another 'invitation', but the ditzy nurse stuck my arm and I barely felt it at all. Now, she's clumsy, and usually hurts. She didn't wipe it, or  put a plaster on it, and now I don't feel the usual burning lump that you get, either...Maybe she was so terrified at the prospect of rummaging around in a Fat Lady Cunt ( My also overdue smear test-) that she didn't inject me properly. She rang the front desk for instructions on how to cope (Hey, they called me in...) and was obviously relieved to tell me that I'd have to come in on a Friday, and go to Family Planning where they have a 'more comfortable' examination table. (yeh, more comfortable for whom?)

I'm coughing now...Ticklythroat, rather than greenies from chestland, so thank the gods for small mercies.

Saw Osbert Lancaster's CARTOON HISTORY OF ARCHICTECTURE in a charity shop for 2.50 or something, went to snaffle it,  then restrained myself, as cheap or not, I HAVE NO MONEY. Of course, I now regret it... I am feeling exceptionally curmudgeonly even for me.


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