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Feeling Crap Again...

I can't be getting another cold, surely...God, do I have an immune system?
Got a new pair of 'mens'' (no,mine-) felt clogs at LIDL for a fiver, wot you'd pay about 50 quid for on Neal St.
Janice Turner said in yesterday's TIMES, that LIDL was the shopping equivalent of a shag in a nightclub doorway with a dodgy bouncer ('with more security guards than till staff') Titillatingly true, I guess. I had to wade through somebody's spilt yoghurt to get to the till this morning. An old man kept calling fretfully for 'cleaning staff', but the girl on the till just smirked, and eventually kicked some toilet paper around the floor to minimise slippage. Yup, that's reality raunch at LIDL...It amuses me.

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