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The Lame And The Loony...

-Or in my case, both, can breathe a little easier, for the nonce. Doesn't sound like Mr Blair has any definite or too immediate plans to make us more integrated into the workaholic society, at least until safely after the election...
Still feeling vaguely queasy and more than usually enfeebled. Renate-next-door had a funny turn yesterday, too, then slept for 14 hours. Is it all part of this general 'we're all doomed' Autumnal mood that's gripping everyone?
LIDL is full of Christmas drooly stuff, stollen, pannetone, all kindsa gingerbread , almond buscuits- all very well priced. Look away, look away! I have all that Pancevo cake and ice cream still sloshing around my already elephantine bod.
BTW, I don't know if I did a rant on the fact that ASDA set out the Christmas decorations,cards, sweets, etc, the first week of September, but I should have. It ain't natural. In my day there was none o'that until the last week in November, and quite right, too. Fap!

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